About Us

Our team has vast experience in 3D, image processing, and building 3D models in various innovative technologies.

Some of us work in security companies, and some of us work in various organizations in the fields of 3D. Over the past two years, we have combined several technologies and created a unique and innovative method for building a three-dimensional model fast and cheap from a small number of standard images or videos.

We have identified the need and huge market potential in e-commerce, AR & VR, and CNC in the transportation & aviation industry, medical, agriculture, and basically, any person or seller who would like to build a 3D model for their personal needs.

We are convinced that our strong and experienced staff will change the face of the internet and online trading.

Our Vision

Our goal is to make 3D model creation easily accessible so that everyone can benefit from this incredible technology.

 We are driven to be the leaders in 3D model innovation.

A picture is worth a thousand words; a 3D model is worth a thousand more!

Our Team

Tomi Seidler
Rotem Kasif
Senior 3D Technical Artist
Dani Raban
Yaron Gendelman
Neri Raban

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