The 3D eCommerce Revolution

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

The expectations of eCommerce shoppers are increasingly demanding. If they enjoyed an online experience at one e-store, they automatically expect the same service level across the board. Retailers need to stay ahead, be innovative, and grab at evolving technologies. While convenient, what is holding people back from proceeding to checkout online? Simply put, they desire to examine a product before purchase physically – it's that in-store experience that e-tailers haven’t been able to mirror, until now. Enter 3D product imaging – providing customers with graphical 3D product representations. Customers can zoom into a product, zoom out, rotate it, or view it in motion. Statistics also show that some sellers even prefer this to more common videos of their products in action. 3D imaging will boost engagement and directly impact sales. With the right tools, sellers can overcome significant pitfalls of most 3D imaging solutions, like the need for a lot of expensive equipment and having to wait a long time for results.

Thanks to technological advances, the process can be quick, easy, and cost-effective. It can also close the click-and-brick standoff, particularly for items that are difficult to sell online, such as jewelry, clothes, and larger, more tactile items like luggage or technical parts and equipment. MAOF’s application enables you to create your high-quality 3D models in seconds – no special equipment required. Grab your mobile, PC, or any digital camera, and you're good to go! Contact us for more details and to start seeing your products move in the future.

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