Our Technology

At MAOF we’ve developed the innovative ability to construct lightweight 3D models that are adapted to all current platforms, such as Android, iOS, and the various web browsers. Soon our application will automate the entire process allowing absolutely anyone to instantly build 3D models themselves from any handheld at an affordable price!

We build and deliver the models and content in the AR and VR virtual worlds.


Our Process

  1. Takes 2D pictures taken from different angles with a digital camera or video

  2. Analyses the pictures

  3. Calculates 3D surface

  4. Optimizes information

  5. Textures and Mapping procedure

  6. Packing result to 3D models standard

  7. Real-time 3D model HTML5 native

  8. Using all platforms and mobile devices


  1. Models are very light (in MB)

  2. 3D technology will save customers expenses and storage costs

  3. Process of creating the offered 3D object is very fast compared to existing competitors and solutions in the market

  4. No need to wear clumsy and expensive 3D glasses

  5. No need for software or a photography studio

  6. Models operate on all the platforms, including mobile phones

  7. Models can integrate animations and videos

  8. Models can be edited and displayed on any website or used for an AR/VR experience

  9. Suitable for a variety of fields, such as e-commerce, medical, catalogs, assembly instructions, vehicles spare parts, airplanes, etc.

  10. Get ahead - 3D technology is a trend in the making!